Faces of Freedom: Andrea

Faces of Freedom are the “faces” of individuals, families, churches and businesses who make up the LFTI family. They make freedom possible, one child at a time through Life for the Innocent.

I first heard of human trafficking about 15 years ago. I was physically sick to my stomach and felt mentally paralyzed. While I had a heart to do something, I felt hopeless knowing more people are enslaved now than any other time in history. Even though I wanted all slaves to be free, helping with this effort seemed like a scary and impossible mission.

You see, I am a very ordinary person. I love my husband and have two amazing kids with way more energy than I possess. Our family enjoys camping in the mountains, and I really like working part-time with college students at a local university. Life is busy, yet I’m always looking for ways to make overwhelming tasks more fun, like watching movies while folding laundry. How could someone like me make a difference? Given my budget and time constraints, helping someone escape from slavery across the globe seemed like a long stretch.

Despite my inaction, God continued nudging me. In a conversation at my church a few years ago, one of my pastors mentioned the amazing child rescues happening through LFTI. I contacted Life for the Innocent and was energized as I met others passionate to end child trafficking. When an LFTI staff member expressed Jesus as the only solution to solve this problem, I realized Life for the Innocent was an organization actually able to eliminate human trafficking through God’s power!

As I started volunteering with LFTI, I learned every child rescued and restored in an LFTI shelter has been paired with a forever family in the same country. I am amazed by the families trusting God and embracing a child into their homes; knowing over 1,000 children last year alone were placed with a forever family demonstrates the magnitude of God’s power!

I have also been inspired by the opportunity to rescue a child for only $1385. While this may seem like a huge sacrifice for a family or business, it truly is very little given a life is completely changed! It lifted my heart when my kids decided they wanted to rescue a child slave. In addition to saving money earned through chores for fun activities, such as skating and bowling, our boys placed coins into a cup labeled “Rescue a Child Slave.” While they really enjoyed skating and bowling, both boys were most excited when they reached the highest coin goal and helped a child escape slavery.

Another exciting opportunity to partner with LFTI awaits me as I launch my new business. Completing a Master’s in counseling and career development 10 years ago has opened up doors to follow my passion of helping people. It’s been inspiring to assist hundreds of people successfully pursue their education, career and life passions. I am excited about beginning a balanced life coaching business with 10% of all profits pouring into LFTI.

Even though I am a very ordinary person, with God I have the opportunity to make an extraordinary impact through LFTI. Life for the Innocent is being moved and directed by God, and has been a huge blessing for thousands of lives, including mine. The work LFTI does is far from easy, yet the staff and volunteers approach this task with joy. As a supporter of LFTI, you have an incredible opportunity to live an extraordinary life. How will you invest your time, talent and resources to make a global impact through Life for the Innocent?

– Andrea

P.S. For the LFTI family, I would love to provide a free phone consultation through my balanced life coaching business! You can contact me lifecareerbalance@gmail.com.

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