Life for the Innocent offers a variety of learning opportunities to equip you to combat sex trafficking in your sphere of influence. These are available to your group upon request.

In addition to our orientations, we also offer workshops through our Justice Training Track. Inquire here for more information about hosting a training event.

Justice & Joy Orientation

Life for the Innocent partners with communities to rescue, restore and renew children affected by human trafficking. We act locally and reach globally. Our Justice & Joy Orientation provides you with a basic understanding of human trafficking, and what we are doing in response. Learn with us about biblical justice and how to prevent sex trafficking in your own backyard.

Youth Prevention Workshop

(For youth and their parents/guardians) The average age of entry into sex trafficking in America today is 12-14. This presentation trains youth to be the eyes and ears among their peers. Based on Shared Hope International’s teen curriculum, this training is designed to educate and empower youth to understand what trafficking is, how it happens, and how to identify red flags. Available for ages 12-14 and 15-18, and for parents/guardians.

Get God’s Heart Small Group Study

LFTI Ambassadors facilitate a Bible Study and Discussion Group curriculum that utilizes the Shared Hope Faith-in-Action Toolkit and is outlined to include:

LFTI’s impact and success in combatting human trafficking in South Asia God’s heart for victims of sex trafficking and exploitation, and the framework for a Christian response The accounts of two women in the Bible who were objectified, and God’s heart for them A study of Jesus – the Author and Finisher of Freedom Steps you can take to address this matter in your own lives and circle of influence

We also incorporate action opportunities throughout the study to apply what we’re learning and intentionally seek to open our eyes to exploitation locally and globally. Contact us today to learn more.

Justice Training Track

We encourage you to engage in continuing education to gain further insight on specific areas of concern. These workshops are available upon request by subject matter experts from our partners.

Adoption & Orphan Care

Learn how to become a foster or adoptive family and understand the biblical view of this special calling. Recognize ways that your involvement in these systems can prevent and intervene in the lives of minors vulnerable to domestic sex trafficking.

Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking

Domestic violence and sex trafficking are abusive and exploitative crimes that often intersect. This workshop will explore definitions, misconceptions, and responses for community advocacy. Inquire about our additional workshop tailored to mental health providers.

Ending the Demand (Men)

Men of God, you are integral in ending the demand for sex trafficking and protecting vulnerable groups from exploitation. Understand the links between pornography and sex trafficking, and how the Internet can bring this crime to every community in the U.S. Be equipped with tangible action steps to eradicate trafficking in your own backyard.

Hope for the U.S. Commercial Sex Industry

Understand the nature and reality of the commercial sex industry in the United States and how it intersects with sex trafficking; learn about God’s immense love for those in the sex industry and discover practical ways you can get involved.

Power of Prayer

Sex trafficking is first and foremost a battle between spiritual forces. This time of prayer presents an opportunity for you to join with others in the battle against injustice, and to invite God’s armies to intervene.

Restoration for Offenders

God’s love for the perpetrators is irrefutable. Develop an understanding of God’s perspective on justice and reconciliation for sex offenders, and be empowered with resources to help offenders reintegrate into the community and thereby combat recidivism.
If you are interest in hosting an orientation or workshop please contact us regarding opportunities to host a training event.

Put Your Training in Action

We offer tangible action steps and volunteer opportunities to mobilize your training.  After you have attended one of our Justice & Joy Orientations, you are invited to join our Life Team which equips you for volunteer opportunities with LFTI.