Equipping young adults with vocational training and discipleship that will be carried throughout life to achieve self-sustainability and Kingdom expansion.

Give to Tent Makers to help train and disciple young adults.


Initial Step

Vocational Training

The Tent Makers program is designed to equip older Child Development Center (CDC) residents who will not be adopted because of age with Vocational Training to achieve life self-sustainability and spiritual growth. Enrollment can begin after primary school is finished, and then they can begin training in any of these categories.

Next Steps


A 10 week discipleship course is required in conjunction with the vocational training. The individual is enrolled in the First Steps program that builds a foundation as they study the core tenets of faith.


At the conclusion of the vocational training, they can apply for a micro-loan to start their own business in their area of training. This loan is managed by a micro-loan director and comes with specific repayment terms.

Advanced Step


Certain graduates can be offered positions on staff to become Journeymen. This paid position empowers them to become vocational trainers in certain areas of expertise as well as disciple future children who will become Apprentices.
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