Srinath’s Story

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When Srinath was a young boy, slave traders visited his community in South Asia. Srinath’s family was poverty-stricken and fell prey to the slave traders’ job offer for one of their children in exchange for money. While it seems unimaginable, Srinath’s parents felt forced to make the heartbreaking decision to sell their child given their extreme destitution.  

Srinath was 7 years old when he was sold into slavery at a brick kiln. He labored 18-hour days for three years. Srinath hauled straw for burning and carried clay. He lived under the constant threat of abuse by the brick kiln owners.

Malnourished and weary, Srinath broke his shoulder at 10 years old. Due to his inability to work, the brick kiln threw him out, and he was resigned to begging on the streets. Law enforcement encountered Srinath as he was asking people for money. When they learned Srinath had a family, they attempted to reunite him with his parents. Because of their extreme poverty, the family declined to take Srinath back.


Law enforcement then contacted Life for the Innocent. Like thousands of other children rescued from slavery by LFTI, Srinath’s world was starting to look brighter!


Srinath was finally provided with enough food to eat. The weariness started to wear off as he got regular, restful sleep. During the 9 months he lived in an LFTI home, he was nurtured back to physical health and began his education.


Srinath was introduced to God’s love for him at the LFTI home. At the end of his stay, a family in a local Christian church invited Srinath to be a part of their family forever! 

Srinath faced a hopeless cycle at the brick kiln. While the horrific exploitation he endured is unfathomable, God had different plans for Srinath’s life. Today, Srinath is going to school and continues to flourish with the love of his Forever Family. The LFTI family (donors, volunteers, partners, and staff) made it possible for Srinath to have the safe, healthy life every child deserves! 

LFTISrinath’s Story

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