Home for Christmas – Ravi’s Story



When we met Ravi, he had just come from living in a brothel and being under the control of a pimp. In the brothel, he was exploited on a daily basis. Food was scarce and abuse was rampant – until Life for the Innocent intervened.

Millions of children in South Asia like Ravi are trafficked due to religious, cultural or economic circumstances. Fueled by generous supporters, LFTI rescues kids from human trafficking and places them in safe homes. Children have a place to heal until they are adopted by local families in South Asia. So far, we’ve rescued, restored and renewed over 2,400 children. Years ago, one of these children was Ravi.

Ravi’s journey to healing was long. The LFTI team remembers Ravi. He would cry a lot. He stayed indoors and watched the other kids play games outside.

Eventually, Ravi was able to embrace this new freedom found in the safety of our homes. He didn’t have to ration his meals anymore – he could have all he wanted! He learned to sleep at night with a new element of peace. He stopped worrying about who would be coming into his room at night. Ravi started playing with the other kids. He didn’t cry so much anymore.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when we were attending a church conference. A nicely dressed, full-grown college student approached us and exclaimed, “Do you remember me? I was in one of your homes!” It was Ravi.

He shared how grateful he was for being placed with loving parents and having the chance to grow up in a strong family. He’s getting good grades in school and plans to get a Master’s degree!

Ravi is an inspiration for us to keep pressing on, and we hope he is for you, too. He reminds all of us that hope is possible for trafficked children. This year, our team has identified opportunities to rescue more children than we anticipated. We want to intervene for these kids as soon as possible, but we have almost run out of space in our existing homes and need financial support to rescue, restore and renew the growing number of children in our care.

To take advantage of this opportunity, we are asking you to be a part of covering the restoration process for 50 children and beginning construction on additional LFTI homes. Today, you can help us reach this $110,000 goal. Together, we can rescue more kids like Ravi out of slavery and into freedom.

With Ravi in mind, an anonymous group of generous supporters will DOUBLE every dollar you donate – up to $40,000 before December 31. With the matching grant, your support will be multiplied – enabling more children to live with hope and joy.

We know many of you have been so generous in the past – this Christmas, will you give a special gift before December 31 or increase your monthly support to rescue more children and bring them home as soon as possible?

On behalf of Ravi and all the kids in our LFTI homes, thank you and God bless you!

In Jesus’ Name,

The LFTI Team

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P.S. Remember, only gifts received before December 31 will be matched. So please give today!

lauraHome for Christmas – Ravi’s Story