Faces of Freedom: Shane and Sara

LFTIFaces of Freedom

Shane and Sara had been married a few years and were in their late 20s when something strange happened: Sara got an urge to run. It wasn’t that they were inactive, it just never occurred to either of them to go for a run. “I think I’ll run around the block,” Sara told Shane.  “Run around the block?” Shane wondered. … Read More

LFTIFaces of Freedom: Shane and Sara

Faces of Freedom: Andrea

LFTIFaces of Freedom

Faces of Freedom are the “faces” of individuals, families, churches and businesses who make up the LFTI family. They make freedom possible, one child at a time through Life for the Innocent. I first heard of human trafficking about 15 years ago. I was physically sick to my stomach and felt mentally paralyzed. While I had a heart to do … Read More

LFTIFaces of Freedom: Andrea