Ending the Demand in Your City

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

Part 2: Ending the Demand in Your City.Read Part 1: Ending the Demand for Commercial Sex for insight into who is buying sex and why. For those who are selling sex, meeting the demand to purchase it can be immensely lucrative. As basic economics indicate, demand drives supply. WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT? You may have recently seen numerous ... Read More
LFTIEnding the Demand in Your City

Targeted Technology

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

It’s hard to stomach, but the primary factor in a person’s vulnerability being trafficked is their age. Worldwide and in the U.S., the average age minors are first exploited for sex is 12-14. How does this happen?

LFTITargeted Technology

Pennies & Cents


Every penny counts. We are not referring just to financial contributions, but the heart behind monetary sacrifice. As you may know, the economics of the Kingdom of Heaven work differently. We might see some coins in an offering plate, God sees potential to pour out enormous blessing.

LFTIPennies & Cents

Survivor Stories

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

This is the final installment of a 3-part series on Language and Perceptions about Domestic Sex Trafficking. Click to read Part 1 and Part 2. I was confused when I learned about the response of some survivors after being recoved from sex trafficking. A fair number experience Stockholm syndrome - empathy and sympathy for their traffickers - and some don't even ... Read More
LFTISurvivor Stories

Responsible Thinking

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

Did you know your everyday choices may increase the global demand for slaves? Language and Perceptions about Domestic Sex Trafficking Pt. 2. Missed Part 1? Read “What Do You Really Think?” Traffickers aren’t the only culpable ones. Let’s not play the scapegoating game, because that lulls us into a false sense of innocence. Last year, I discovered that I had unknowingly supported ... Read More
LFTIResponsible Thinking

A Common Thread


Four women in four different parts of Asia, each needing a way out, prostitution their treadmill of life, desperation a constant condition. How else does one earn a living in these circumstances?Many like them, have no other known option...  Courageously, and with the help and discipleship of our South Asia team, each of these women left behind their only means of income and stepped into a new adventure.  At the four month anniversary of their decision to faithfully ... Read More
LFTIA Common Thread