Stories of Hope: Part One


Survivors are the real experts on human trafficking. The most powerful truths about the issue come from their personal experiences. Each person is different, and each story is important. Those of us who have no firsthand knowledge of trafficking often have the same questions for survivors:  How did it happen? How did you escape? Could you run away? How can I help? Consider … Read More

LFTIStories of Hope: Part One

A Walk on the Wild side

LFTILFTI, LL5K, Virtual 5K

Rowena is also an avid hiker, usually off into the woods with her three dogs, sometimes with hiking groups, and sometimes she enjoys the solace of a solo trek. She has done a lot of races for a lot of good causes. But when she heard about Life for the Innocent’s Virtual 5k, she knew that this was a way … Read More

LFTIA Walk on the Wild side

The Mommy Bond

LFTILFTI, LL5K, Virtual 5K

6 years ago, I learned about Life for the Innocent’s work and knew instantly that I had to get involved. As I began to volunteer, I realized that this mission would stay with me throughout my life. Now, for the last 2 years, I have been on staff for the Life for the Innocent, which has enabled me to share … Read More

LFTIThe Mommy Bond

A Conversation with John

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

Life for the Innocent is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, a remarkably idyllic town. It’s difficult to imagine human trafficking exists here in “The Choice City”, home to numerous festivals, quaint shops, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Yet beneath this charming facade, brokenness resides.  Recently, an LFTI staff member, Hannah*, unexpectedly came face-to-face with someone perpetuating the very injustice she fights … Read More

LFTIA Conversation with John

Fostering Hope

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

The American foster care system was recently named a “pipeline” for child trafficking. Orphan care and trafficking can seem like two separate, equally heartbreaking issues, but they are inextricably woven together. A local expert recently told us, “You can’t ask for a better human trafficking victim than a runaway or one from foster care.” This sentence hits hard because it … Read More

LFTIFostering Hope

Victory Over Online Exploitation

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

The Internet has enabled us to do incredible things, but it has also ushered in new ways to exploit people. Predators are fully aware of the latest, most popular online platforms. They seek out sites geared toward the most vulnerable: teens and kids. Even though online exploitation has become alarmingly common, parents still maintain the power to protect their children. We ... Read More
LFTIVictory Over Online Exploitation

Domestic Violence & Sex Trafficking

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

When many of us think about human trafficking, we probably envision a “typical” pimp, not a family member. Not a boyfriend; certainly not a father figure. However, quite often, victims are trafficked by intimate partners. Domestic or sexual violence is a “contributing factor” for victims of trafficking due to increased economic hardship, isolation, or forced displacement. A study of a ... Read More
LFTIDomestic Violence & Sex Trafficking

Coming Home

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

  Without a doubt, trafficking is a problem both internationally and here in the U.S. While knowing the numbers on a global scale in important, we must also identify the “smaller” factors that contribute to this vast issue. The fact is that trafficking (and vulnerabilities directly leading to it) often start within the four walls of a home. Instead of … Read More

LFTIComing Home

Ending the Demand in Your City

LFTIDomestic Initiative, LFTI

Part 2: Ending the Demand in Your City.Read Part 1: Ending the Demand for Commercial Sex for insight into who is buying sex and why. For those who are selling sex, meeting the demand to purchase it can be immensely lucrative. As basic economics indicate, demand drives supply. WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT? You may have recently seen numerous ... Read More
LFTIEnding the Demand in Your City