Actions to End Slavery

LFTIActions to End Slavery

Even though trafficking is an enormous issue around the globe, change begins when individuals and families decide to take action. Life for the Innocent reaches globally, and wants to empower the LFTI family to act locally. Below are four simple action steps you can take to fight for freedom today:       1. Sign the petition to urge Congress to … Read More

LFTIActions to End Slavery

Faces of Freedom: Andrea

LFTIFaces of Freedom

Faces of Freedom are the “faces” of individuals, families, churches and businesses who make up the LFTI family. They make freedom possible, one child at a time through Life for the Innocent. I first heard of human trafficking about 15 years ago. I was physically sick to my stomach and felt mentally paralyzed. While I had a heart to do … Read More

LFTIFaces of Freedom: Andrea

Srinath’s Story

LFTILFTILeave a Comment

When Srinath was a young boy, slave traders visited his community in South Asia. Srinath’s family was poverty-stricken and fell prey to the slave traders’ job offer for one of their children in exchange for money. While it seems unimaginable, Srinath’s parents felt forced to make the heartbreaking decision to sell their child given their extreme destitution.   Srinath was … Read More

LFTISrinath’s Story

Why We Never Give Up


On December 31, 2015, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation in which he declared January to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month: One hundred and fifty years ago, our Nation codified the fundamental truth that slavery is an affront to human dignity. Still, the bitter fact remains that millions of men, women, and children around the globe, including … Read More

LFTIWhy We Never Give Up

4 ways to help kids this season


· HOME MEANS HOPE · Home. It’s so much more than four walls. It’s a place intended for rest, relationship, and protection. In an ideal home, children find support, love, and safety with their family.   For the 2,400 children rescued by LFTI in South Asia, this kind of home was far from reality. Before we intervened, they had no one … Read More

LFTI4 ways to help kids this season

Home for Christmas – Ravi’s Story


  When we met Ravi, he had just come from living in a brothel and being under the control of a pimp. In the brothel, he was exploited on a daily basis. Food was scarce and abuse was rampant – until Life for the Innocent intervened. Millions of children in South Asia like Ravi are trafficked due to religious, cultural … Read More

lauraHome for Christmas – Ravi’s Story

Educating and empowering the next generation


{ For the sake of privacy, the writer’s name will not be shared. } Jen Spry was sex trafficked for 2 years from 8 to 10 years old. Today, she stands strong as a survivor, trainer, and advocate. On October 3 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jen taught youth ages 9-18 about appropriate boundaries and how to defend them. “This is … Read More

LFTIEducating and empowering the next generation

Stories of Hope: Part Two

LFTIDomestic Initiative

Survivors are the real experts on human trafficking. The most powerful truths about the issue come from their personal experiences. Each person is different, and each story is important. Those of us who have no firsthand knowledge of trafficking often have the same questions for survivors:  How did it happen? How did you escape? Could you run away? How can I help? Shamere … Read More

LFTIStories of Hope: Part Two

Send a special gift to children in South Asia


“Most of these children have not had anything of their own before. This will likely be the first toy they’ve ever had.” – LFTI South Asia Director For the very first time, LFTI is sending gifts to the children we serve in South Asia! We need your help to send several boxes of handmade knit or crochet “Lovey” teddy bears to … Read More

lauraSend a special gift to children in South Asia

You Can Protect Students This Year


School is starting! You may be ecstatic, or perhaps it’s a stressful time of organizing schedules, buying school supplies, and picking out new shoes. However, whether you’re a parent or a teacher, as you prepare you can include some simple safety planning to make a difference this school year. Why is this necessary? Youth are frequently targeted and often lured … Read More

LFTIYou Can Protect Students This Year