Actions to End Slavery

LFTIActions to End Slavery

Even though trafficking is an enormous issue around the globe, change begins when individuals and families decide to take action. Life for the Innocent reaches globally, and wants to empower the LFTI family to act locally. Below are four simple action steps you can take to fight for freedom today: 

     1. Sign the petition to urge Congress to pass the End Modern Slavery Initiative to provide desperately-needed funds for victim resources around the world.

     2. Know and share the signs of sex trafficking in the United States.

     3. Many of the brands we know and love unfortunately use child slave labor to make their products. It’s intimidating, but checking out which products you use are connected to slave labor with this quiz is helpful to buying slave-free! 

     4. Mother’s Day is coming up: buy your favorite ladies this handmade, sterling silver LFTI charm bracelet!

LFTIActions to End Slavery